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Saturday, October 20, 2018 @ 8:00 pm
Center Theatre
$42 | $52 | $62 | $72

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A Play About Nazi-Hunter, Simon Wiesenthal

Performance Schedule:
Sat, Oct 20 at 8pm
Sun, Oct 21 at 2pm

“Heartfelt, deeply moving and compelling; he makes history come alive. Wiesenthal should be required viewing for all.”
Huffington Post

“Hatred can be nurtured anywhere, idealism can be perverted into sadism anywhere. If hatred and sadism combine with modern technology the inferno could erupt anew anywhere.”
—Simon Wiesenthal

Simon Wiesenthal “the Nazi-hunter” was an ordinary man who did extraordinary things. His promise to the six million who died in concentration camps and to those that survive was “you will never be forgotten.” Starring award-winning actor and writer Tom Dugan, the one-man play Wiesenthal tells the incredibly compelling story of a holocaust survivor who was responsible for bringing over 1,100 Nazi war criminals to justice!

Intelligent, funny, flawed and noble, Wiesenthal was a universal hero and was nicknamed the “Jewish James Bond.” His unbelievable dedication and tenacity over decades is honored in this play, which gives equal weight to his wisdom and wit during his long, purposeful life.  Among the many that Wiesenthal helped bring to justice is chief of the Gestapo’s Jewish Department who implemented the Jewish genocide, Adolf Eichmann. After being challenged by Austrian Holocaust deniers to prove that Anne Frank actually existed, Wiesenthal located the Gestapo officer, Karl Silberbauer, who found and arrested Anne Frank and her family.


Join us for a thoughtful post-show Q&A with writer/actor Tom Dugan and Alison Pure-Slovin, Midwest Director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Chicago, an international human rights NGO. Alison Pure-Slovin, a native Chicagoan, was the first female President of the Standard Club, a 150 year-old widely respected Jewishly-cultured social club.  Alison is passionate about her work of defending the human rights of all people and fighting against bigotry, hate, and anti-Semitis. The mission and work of the Simon Wiesenthal Center is important to Alison as she personally experienced anti-Semitism, which has profoundly affected her. She currently lives in Skokie with Ron, her husband of 40 years.

“For your benefit, learn from our tragedy. It is not a written law that the next victims must be Jews. It can also be other people. We saw it begin in Germany with Jews, but people from more than twenty other nations were also murdered. When I started this work, I said to myself, ‘I will look for the murderers of all the victims, not only the Jewish victims. I will fight for justice.’”
—Simon Wiesenthal

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