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The Capitol Steps

Friday, January 20 @ 8:00 pm
Center Theatre

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Capitol Steps Expect FS 1617 300x300The Capitol Steps
What to Expect When You’re Electing
January 19-22, 2017

Continuing to highlight the problem with political jokes is that they sometimes get elected, The Capitol Steps have a new album and live tour! It’s beautiful, called What to Expect When You’re Electing and it’s (H)uuuuge! The Steps built a great new album—nobody builds albums better than The Steps, believe us, and they build them very inexpensively. They build a great, great album, but they can’t seem to get Mexico to pay for it.

C’mon seriously, has there ever been a funnier election season? Do you want to hear Donald Trump sing a rock song, see little song-bird Bernie Sanders do a show tune, Ted “Lucifer in the Flesh” Cruz scream out some heavy death-metal, and Hillary Clinton loudly guffaw over her own stand-up comedy? It’s all the greatest hits of this wacky campaign season in one musically hilarious political wrap-up you’d kick yourself for missing.

The Capitol Steps first began tickling political funny bones over thirty years ago as a group of Senate staffers who set out to poke fun at the very people and places that employed them. Since they began, The Capitol Steps have recorded over thirty-six albums, including the latest, What to Expect When You’re Electing (2016). They have been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC, and PBS, and can be heard four times a year on National Public Radio stations nationwide during their Politics Takes a Holiday radio specials. Although not all of the current members of the Steps are former Capitol Hill staffers, taken together the performers have worked in a total of eighteen Congressional offices and represent sixty-two years of collective House and Senate staff experience and performed for five US Presidents.  Most cast members have worked on Capitol Hill; some for Democrats, some for Republicans. No matter who holds office, there is never a shortage of material.  Performer and co-writer Mark Eaton states, “We’ve always said our show’s greatest enemy is a competent government. Therefore, we should be around for a long, long time.”