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Tango. The One. The Emotion.

Friday, March 8 @ 8:00 pm
Center Theatre
$47 | $57 | $67 | $77

Tango. The One. The Emotion.
The authentic Argentine Tango Show with live music performed by a traditional orchestra accompanied by internationally acclaimed Argentine Tango dancers.

“The Tango, declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity, was felt in its maximum splendor, as in its golden years, thanks to the Orquesta Tipica La Juan D’arienzo”

–  The Tundra Magazine, London, UK, 2017

More than 100 years ago, Tango was born, gifting the world with one of the most admired and romantic genres of music, poetry and motion. Though much time has passed, its influence and popularity is stronger than ever.

La Juan D’Arienzo Orquesta Tipica debuted in Buenos Aires in 2012. Since then, they have aimed to offer dancers and listeners music in the style of the legendary Argentine Tango orchestra leader, Juan D’Arienzo, who was known as “El Rey del Compás”, or the King of the Rhythm.

These young and talented musicians not only offer the style of one of the greatest orchestras in Argentine Tango history but also bring with it an exciting freshness which has been experienced and welcomed by audiences all around the world. At the same time they still keep close to the tradition of the Golden Era of Tango (1940-1970s) with its distinguishing energy, beat and emotion.

It did not take long for La Juan D’arienzo to take over the Buenos Aires dance scene. Within a year they were invited to perform live on television and radio shows, toured throughout Argentina and made their international debut in Brazil.

Since 2014, the orchestra has gone on multiple international tours of Europe and Asia, winning accolades from audiences in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Hungary, Finland, Turkey, Great Britain, Spain, Poland, Japan and Taiwan. It won the Buenos Aires’ Best Tango Orchestra award in March 2018, reflecting its worldwide success. This will be the first appearance of this renowned tango orchestra in the United States.

As an integral part of the show, Orquesta Tipica La Juan D’arienzo’s live performance will be accompanied by internationally acclaimed Argentine Tango dancers:

Celina Rotundo and Hugo Patyn (Argentina)
Lorena Gonzalez Cattaneo and Gaston Comejo (Uruguay)
Ellen and Oleg Mashkovich (USA)

The orchestra consists of 11 musicians:

Pablo Valle (piano)
Andres Santarciero (double bass)
Juan Pablo Cravenna, Sebastian Frassón,
Pablo Ginzburg, and Emilio Pagano
Pablo Amado, Ricardo Badaracco,
Facundo Lazzari, and Oscar Yemha
Fernando Rodas (singer)
The orchestra is directed by the first bandoneónist, Lazzari, whose grandfather, Carlos Lazzari, was the first bandoneónist and arranger for the original Juan D’Arienzo Orchestra between 1950 and 1976.