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Thursday, March 1, 2018 @ 7:00 pm
Center Theatre

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Free Community & Family Performance!
part of Coming Together in Skokie 2018

Produced by Geordie Productions

Thu, March 01 | 7pm






Jabber Ticket Reservation

March 1 & 2 | Thu & Fri at 10am

Grades 8th to 12th

Study Guide Available Here

Curriculum Connections: Performance & Technology

Stereotypes, Perception, Religion, Racism and Tolerance, Responsible Social Media Use

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At Fatima’s new high school, she’s the only one wearing a hijab. Her parents transferred her after graffiti reading “All Muslims must die” was found on the wall of her old school.  But there’s plenty of ignorance and assumptions at her new school, too. It isn’t until she begins an unlikely friendship with Jorah, a young man with a troubled reputation, that she starts to feel less like an outsider. How can she balance this new relationship with her family’s faith? What is it like to be 16 years old, a girl, a Muslim, and a refugee all at the same time? Jabber engages teens, teachers and parents in meaningful discussions on the judgments and assumptions we make based on each other’s perceived differences. This story challenges stereotypes and encourages real conversation around race, religion and identity. Through its use of humor and creativity, the production brings a new, relevant and age appropriate story to a traditionally underserved high school audience.