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Inaside Chicago Dance

Saturday, October 28, 2017 @ 7:30 pm
Center Theatre
$22 | $30 | $35

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Inaside Chicago Dance launches its fifteenth season with an exciting night of dance for the first time on the North Shore Center stage. Keeping in line with its mission of Integrity, Passion and Pride—Inaside is sure to entertain. Pulling from ballet, ballroom and jazz, Inaside exudes versatility and grace.

About Inaside Chicago Dance
Inaside Chicago Dance advances innovative artistry through choreography, performances, and educational programs to heighten the state of the art in the Midwest. The vision of Inaside Chicago Dance is to enrich the art form of dance by nurturing the dancer as a performer, choreographer and teacher, and by making dance accessible to all ages through performances, workshops and outreach.

Founded in the fall of 2003, Inaside Chicago Dance is a not-for-profit jazz dance company that builds off the foundations of the art form, while leading the way for contemporary jazz dance in the present and future. Artistic Director Robert McKee strives to make Inaside a supreme outlet of artistry, knowledge and growth for each dancer and choreographer who comes through the company’s presence.

Inaside employs a highly trained diverse ensemble of male and female dancers, as well as instructors from across the US and various cultural backgrounds. The company’s repertoire has evolved since its inception with works from diverse choreographers ranging the spectrum of jazz.

Inaside is a dynamic resource for the discipline. Known for their highly entertaining annual performances, Inaside Dance Project, Inaside Dance promotes excellence in the performing arts on and off the stage. The ideals of integrity, passion and pride allow Inaside to advance innovative artistry through choreography, performances and educational programs.