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Giordano Dance Chicago

Saturday, February 1 @ 7:30 pm
Center Theatre
$25 | $50 | $55 | $65

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About Giordano Dance Chicago
In 55 years as an artistic leader and innovator, Giordano Dance Chicago—America’s original jazz dance company—has contributed greatly to the health of Chicago’s performing arts community. From their origins in Gus Giordano’s family-run studio to their current incarnation as a professionally run organization with over a half-century of worldwide performances (27 countries, 46 states, and more than 1,200 cities), Giordano Dance Chicago’s imprint on the art form of jazz dance is far-reaching and significant. Contributions include: a vast repertoire of more than 165 original works; the mentoring of new and emerging choreographers; the commissioning of innumerable musical scores and production designers; the education of tens of thousands of under-served public school and community students; the creation of generations of professional dancers, and performances to millions of audience members worldwide.

The Evening’s Program

Groove, in formed (2019)
Choreography: Peter Chu
Assistant to the Choreographer: Jenni Gordon
Original Music Score: Jake Kelberman

“I wanted to connect to the steps and rhythms infused in jazz dance and the Giordano Technique.  Smooth and syncopated moves in the body emphasize individuality but are united by the pulsing history of this art form.”
—Peter Chu (Choreographer)

“Chu pulls from dance fads like the Charleston, the mashed potato, the running man and the Roger Rabbit, which keep the dancers’ centers of gravity up in the chest until it drops deep into the pelvis; indeed, there’s something earthy about Groove, in formed.”
—Lauren Warnecke, Chicago Tribune

Surrender (1999)
Choreography: Alberto Arias
Assistant to the Choreographer: Ethan Kirschbaum
Music: Angélique Kidjo, China, François Hardy & Iggy Pop, Brigitte Fontaine

Surrender had not been performed in more than eighteen years and was reconstructed for the 2019-2020 season.  In a suite of dances, Arias depicts various relationships that impacted his life, and “finds common ground in a mixed score that includes everything from Andelique Kidjo covering George Gershwin’s ‘Summertime’ to Iggy Pop.”
—Lauren Warnecke, Chicago Tribune

Flickers (2019)
Choreography: Marinda Davis
Assistants to the Choreographer: Emily Brown & Charles Fournier
Music: Son Lux

Davis compliments a jazz-based aesthetic with the momentary frenzy of ballet beats and frantic percussive shifts of focus.  The dancers periodically coalesce in stunning architectural from which they lift and support each other, fall into each other’s arms, climb and reach for what is beyond.

“…a dance choreographed to their strengths – muscular showmanship, a smattering of acrobatics, and guileless emotion.”
—Sharon Hoyer, New City

Taal (2001)
Choreography: Nan Giordano
Music: Anuradha, Suno A.R. Rahman, S. Jhaia

Silks hang from the rafters and are twisted, twirled, and come alive with movement and Middle Eastern influenced dance.  Choreographed immediately after the tragedy and horror of September 11, 2001, Taal is a testament to the power, triumph and absolute necessity for surrounding ourselves with beauty, even in the presence of great loss.

“Visually stunning…”
—Lauren Warnecke, Chicago Tribune

Sing, Sing, Sing (1983)
Choreography: Gus Giordano
Music: Louis Prima

Sing, Sing, Sing by company founder Gus Giordano, is a timeless all-American Broadway-style jazz trio in which dancers costumed in cabaret style tuxedos give a spirited performance of Giordano’s sharp jazz dance choreography.

“Brings the spark of inspiration to a roaring blaze.”
Time Out Chicago

 Sabroso (2011)
Choreography: Del Dominguez and Laura Flores
Music: Monguito Santamaria, Tito Rodriguez, Tito Puente, Eddi Palmieri, Machito

A delicious, flavorful Latin and rhythmic ballroom work for the entire Company, Sabroso is an incredible pastiche of five separate dance styles including Mambo, Rumba, Cha Cha, Latin Swing, and Bolero. Choreography by the sensational professional ballroom competitor Del Dominguez and his partner Laura Flores, this exciting piece is rousing, joyous and leaves the audience hungry for more.  Sid Smith of the Chicago Tribune raved that “Sabroso remains a topnotch programming coup, sizzling with popular dance and wondrously showing off the amazing footwork and, frankly, gorgeous legs of the troupe’s women.”

Photo credits:
Gorman Cook Photography: Groove, in formed; Taal; Sing, Sing, Sing
Noah Powell Photography: Surrender
Anderson Photography: Flickers