Los Lobos

April 4, 2014 @ 8:00 pm
Center Theatre
$58 | $68 | $78

Los Lobos

Los Lobos: Disconnected
40th Anniversary Tour

Louie Perez- Drums, Guitars, Percussion, Vocals
Steve Berlin- Saxophone, Percussion, Flute, Midsax, Harmonica, Melodica
Cesar Rosas- Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin
Conrad Lozano- Bass, Guitarron, Vocals
David Hidalgo- Vocals, Guitar, Accordion, Percussion, Bass, Keyboards, Melodica, Drums, Violin, Banjo
Enrique “Bugs” Gonzalez – Drums/Percussion

After four decades and over 20 albums defining America’s musical melting pot with their eclectic mix of rock, blues, Tex-Mex, country and Mexican folk music; Los Lobos remains one of the most significant groups in American music. Los Lobos celebrates their 40th Anniversary together with their new Disconnected live album and concert tour. Experience your favorite Los Lobos tunes with these intimate and compelling “acoustically-unplugged” re-arrangements. Disconnected samples tunes spanning the band’s awesome career giving fans a raw dose of what makes Los Lobos so great.

Los Lobos formed in 1973 by David Hidalgo and Louie Perez, two students at Garfield High School in East Los Angeles who discovered they shared eclectic tastes in music. While their interests ranged from hard rock to free jazz, the new group began exploring the Mexican folk music they grew up with, and they soon found themselves regularly playing weddings, parties, and Mexican restaurants in East Los Angeles.  With fifteen years already under their belts, Los Lobos were veteran musicians when they recorded the movie soundtrack and chart-topping cover of Richie Valens’ biggest hit, “La Bamba.” In 1992, the band headed back into the studio looking for a new musical direction. Producer Mitchell Froom encouraged the band to explore unusual sounds and arrangement ideas, and combined with an outstanding set of songs, Kiko was hailed as the band’s masterpiece album, wowing critics and fans alike. After many side projects, studio, live and children’s albums, the new Disconnected tour allows Los Lobos to revisit four stunning decades of their music in one succinct acoustic concert presentation.

“This is what happens when five guys create a magical sound, then stick together for 30 years to see how far it can take them,” wrote Rolling Stone, and indeed, Los Lobos is a band that continually reboots itself and expands its scope with each passing year, while never losing sight of where they came from. Through sheer camaraderie and respect for one another’s musicality, they’ve continued to explore who Los Lobos is and what they have to offer, without succumbing to the burnout that plagues so many other bands that stick it out for any considerable length of time. Their influence is vast, yet they remain humble, centered and dedicated to their craft. Each new recording they make moves Los Lobos into another new dimension while simultaneously sounding like no one else in the world but Los Lobos. As All About Jazz raved, “The genius of Los Lobos resides in their innate ability to find the redemptive power of music, no matter the style they choose to play.”